Shared Ownership Oxfordshire

Shared Ownership Oxfordshire

Wouldn’t it be great if you could invest in a home, but not have to purchase it outright if you don’t have the means to do so? With shared ownership you can do exactly that, with something we like to call "part-buy part-rent". The part-buy aspect refers to initial shares purchased and the part-rent aspect is rent paid on the remaining.

We've created a portal to showcase a range of shared ownership properties across the country to ensure we meet your needs and help you get the house of your dreams, through shared ownership, in Oxfordshire.

Could the county of Oxfordshire be mentioned without ode to Oxford? Apart from containing an institution responsible for schooling some of the most celebrated minds of current and previous generations, this culturally rich city has an array of fun for all ages.

Part Buy Part Rent Oxfordshire

Other prominent towns in the county include Banbury and Woodstock. For a stroll through history Banbury is ideal, with sites such Sulgrave Manor that allows visitors to stroll through the '20s in the undisturbed gardens or Woodstock, a market town that attracts visitors eager to explore the UNESCO World Heritage site, Blenheim Palace.

Oxfordshire brings a palatable mix of rural and city living by maintaing its vast open green spaces, historical ambiance and by embracing modernity through leisure facilities and impressive travel links.