Shared Ownership in Croydon

If jumping into a huge mortgage right away doesn’t feel quite right to you, then shared ownership in Croydon could be just the solution you’re looking for. Allowing you to part-buy, part-rent your property you will only have to pay a deposit on the portion you wish to own meaning for 25% of a £200,000 you could pay a deposit as low as £5000. You will take out a small, manageable mortgage for the portion you own while renting the rest from housing association, making shared ownership often cheaper than simply paying rent every month from a private landlord.

Shared Ownership & Help to Buy

Shared Ownership is available across a range of housing from Optivo’s 1-3 bedroom homes 10 minutes from East Croydon station to their stylish open plan apartments featuring stunning views and a lush sky garden in Leon House. You can buy between 25-75% shares in these properties giving you flexibility and plenty of options to suit your individual circumstance.

The Croydon developments include brand new high spec properties under the help to buy scheme. This government scheme allows you to pay just 5% deposit on your home in addition to receiving a 40% equity loan with no interest for the first 5 years in London. It will certainly take the pressure off when it comes to repayments with just 55% of the value of the home to take out a mortgage for and a spacious, bespoke luxury property to come home to.

From the decadent, traditional architecture of SANCTUARY’S homes on Lower Addiscombe road, to the contemporary sleek 1-3 bedroom apartments by Ikon on Purley Way, Help to Buy is available across a range of housing and designs. Whether you’re into slick city living or prefer a more suburban setting, there is no shortage of variety when it comes to Help to Buy.

We have a super simple, step by step process that we will guide you through and ensure you understand what you are getting, what you are paying for and how you are benefitting from these new government schemes.

The area boasts one of the best transport systems, with links all over the UK and highly efficient connections to the capital, Croydon is certainly living up to Boris Johnsons’ description of the town as the “Economic Powerhouse of South London”. Just 15 minutes from the West End and Gatwick Airport, 13 minutes to London Bridge and 45 minutes to Brighton from East Croydon train station, you are never far from where you need to be. Croydon is also served by the iconic Croydon tramlink, known as London’s only tram network and spanning a huge 28km of track, 39 stops and 34 trams. West Croydon is included in the London Overground Network under the ‘ginger line’ and provides direct access to East London.

Amid a brand-new development, Croydon is bringing a refreshed way of living to the south London Borough, serving its abundance of young professionals who lie at the heart of its community. With a zesty sense of modernity and innovative infrastructure, Croydon has been rethought, reinvented and regenerated to bring the very best of the contemporary high end to the revitalised cosmopolitan.


Following a £5.25 billion investment programme, Croydon is well on its way to becoming Britain’s fastest growing business hub, with the likes of The Body Shop, Green Network Energy, Superdrug and HMRC all moving their headquarters into the city centre. Having recently built a huge number of Grade A office spaces and the most contemporary facilities to well-equip the 1.1 million people who work in the area every day, Croydon is providing its hard-working forward thinkers, with a creative space to boost productivity. Home to more than 12,500 work places and named as a ‘strategic office centre’, the borough puts creativity and progression at the forefront of its ethos.

Home to the world renowned, Brit School, Croydon is no short of creative talent and cultural exploration. With the gifted students performing in hundreds of events all year round in the area, your leisure time will certainly be infused with a unique perspective sure to inspire your own creativity. Other cultural events include the annual Croydon Heritage Festival, bringing a whole spectrum of vibrant colour to the streets of the borough and the Croydon music and food Festival, marrying the two best human creations into a day of sensory discovery.

You will never be stuck for ideas at weekend, with Croydon’s restaurant quarter, offering Michelin star awarded cooking and delicacies from all over the world. With Shopping facilities such as the Whitgift centre and Purley Way, you can amble through all the high-end shops to your heart’s desire, and for a spot of Swedish meatballs and the best of flat pack furniture, you’ll be glad to know Croydon also has it’s very own IKEA.

Croydon is also leading the way when it comes to choosing somewhere to bring up the kids. With a plethora of primary, secondary and further education you are sure to find something that suits your little ones’ individual aspirations and help them to build their own future in a fast-developing world. Home to the Croydon School of Music with an alumni that includes names such as David Bowie and Helen Chadwick, you are surrounded by skills and talent that has flourished in Croydon’s learning environment.