Shared Ownership Hampshire

Shared ownership in Hampshire

Shared Ownership Hampshire

First time buyers are struggling to make the concept of owning a home reality. Achieving this milestone seems to be unaffordable in this day and age, with the price of property continuing to soar and rent costs following suit. If only there was a scheme that allowed you to purchase shares in a property of your choice and offered stability for the future... That’s what shared ownership provides.

What is shared ownership? The opportunity to invest shares in a property you call home. The scheme works on a part buy part rent agreement, and the best part is you can purchase a home at your own pace if full ownership is the goal.

Part-Buy Part-Rent Hampshire

The popular towns of Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester lie in the county of Hampshire. Each city brings its own special quality to the county and did you know that; Portsmouth is popular for being affordable despite its city status, Southampton is ranked as one of the best cities to live due to it’s low CO2 levels or that Winchester is home to the largest farmers market in the UK? The city, coast and country is all available in Hampshire, which makes this county an ideal place to find a home.

Find your first home through shared ownership in Hampshire.