Shared Ownership Dorset

Shared ownership in Dorset

Shared Ownership Dorset

A common misconception of Shared Ownership is that its available to a select few and not many are eligible. With the rising costs of rentals and property, Shared Ownership is indeed a saviour in the current market. As long as you currently don’t own a home (or won’t at point of purchase), earn under £80,000 and can’t afford a suitable alternative shared ownership is a route you should consider.

In our pursuit to make your property journey as hassle free as possible, we bring to the table a vast range of apartments and houses available for shared ownership Dorset to suit your needs

Part Buy Part Rent Dorset

Why Dorset? Who wouldn’t want a selection of scenery at your disposal? Dorset is such a beautiful county for it’s ability to provide such a vast range of locations such as the quiet countryside, busy city life or a lovely cottage on the coast. The diverse range of amenities, facilities and entertainment make this charming county a favourite for purchasing property.

In terms of property range Dorset varies with its charming cottages, character houses and modern homes.