Property Booking's response and guidance to Coronavirus |


Viewing properties in person and moving home is now permitted, whilst upholding social distancing measures.

However, there is more you need to know…

  • Keep an eye out for any changes in the guidelines. The current information is dependent on the outbreak staying under control

  • Viewings in the first instance should happen virtually and only when you’re confident you might want to proceed, should you visit in person 

  • Safety is vital- you must adhere to social distancing and safety procedures 


  • Viewings should be kept to only the sales officer (who will stay at a 2 metre distance) and a maximum of two adults from your household, an agent or officer should be present for viewings wherever possible to ensure the guidance is followed. Small children are allowed but they should wash their hands regularly and be discouraged from touching anything. 

  • All doors should be left open and light switches turned on by the agent/officer in a vacant home or the seller in an occupied property, prior to the viewing. All door handles and light switches should be thoroughly cleaned before and after every viewing. 

  • Ideally there would be a suitable place for the agent/officer and the buyers to wash their hands before and after the viewing, however all parties should have their own hand sanitiser.



Many of our Housing Providers are offering virtual viewings through video tours and other remote provisions, and our site is fully equipped to host this content. Sales Officers and Agents are just at the end of a phone call to talk you through everything once you have registered your interest in a home which is advertised on Property Booking. Once you are confident that the home might be right for you, then you can discuss the possibility of a viewing with the Sales Officer or Agent.


It’s a good time to continue researching your options, and we recommend taking the first step by registering your interest for suitable homes currently in marketing. You will then be able to talk through with the respective Housing Provider the processes they have in place.


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