Shared Ownership Tyne and Wear

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    Riverside Home Ownership has a selection of 2 and 3 bedroom homes available for Shared Ownership on the flagship Metropolitan development with Keepmoat Homes.

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    Finished to a high standard, our homes benefit from:


    Quality fitted kitchens

    Brushed steel oven, hob and cooker hood

    Fresh white paint finishes throughout

    Economical gas central heating

    Front and rear landscaped gardens

    Off road parking

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    Situated in the established suburb of Westerhope, an excellent range of local amenities are on the doorstep. Just a few minutes’ drive from the A1, and 3 miles outside Newcastle, Metropolitan is also in an ideal commuter location.

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    Maximum household income of no more than £80,000.

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    Westerhope, NE5

    Riverside Home Ownership has a selection of 2 and 3 bedroom homes available for Shared Ownership on the...

Shared Ownership Tyne and Wear

Tyne and Wear is a metropolitan county situated in the North East of England, around the mouths of the rivers Tyne And Wear. It consists of the five boroughs South Tynside, North Tynside, the City of Newcastle, Gateshead and the City of Sunderland. It is bordered on the east by the North Sea, Northumberland to the north and County Durham to the south.

Places of interest in the region vary from the historic attractions of Beamish museum in Gateshead and Hadrian's Wall, to the rugged beaches and bird reserves

Good transport links are provided by the Tyne and Wear Metro Light Railway system, the Shields ferry service and the Tyne Tunnel, linking communities on either side of the River Tyne.


Part Buy Part Rent in Tyne and Wear

Finding your first home might seem like a daunting process, that’s why here at Property Booking we aim to make your search for property as effortless as possible.

The enormous benefit of Shared Ownership, which is also known as part-buy, part-rent is that it's a hugely affordable way to enter the property market with a relatively low deposit. You will be eligible to buy a Shared Ownership home if your household income is £80,000 or less.

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