Shared Ownership Isle of Wight

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    A spacious 2 bedroom ground floor apartment with allocated parking situated in the popular town of Sandown. 

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    Entrance Hall with fitted cupboard housing gas boiler

    Master Bedroom 2.61m x 4.87m with fitted wardrobes

    Bedroom 4.40m x 2.23m

    Living/dining area 5.87m x 2.72m

    Kitchen 4.38m x 3.09m 

    Bathroom 2.42m x 1.72m

    Minimum share availabe 40%

    Spacious Kitchen

    Open Plan/Living Dining

    Allocated parking

    Double Glazed

    Gas Central Heating

    Fitted wardobes

    Close to amenities and town

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    Downsview is located 0.3 Miles from Sandown

    Sandown has excellent bus and train services. Bus services can take you to Brading and Ryde or south to Shanklin and Ventnor, also across the Island to Godshill, Newport and Cowes, whilst train services run to the neighbouring town of Shanklin or to Ryde where they connect with ferry services to Portsmouth.

    Sandown sits on the Southern coast of the Isle of Wight, sheltered in a beautiful bay, and is famed for its long stretches of golden sandy beach and the traditional pier, with many amenities.

    There is a great selection of attractions, including a Zoo housed in an old fort and an interactive Dinosaur Museum. You can relax and spend quality time strolling along Sandown Beach followed by an ice cream or refreshments at one of the  beach cafés or restaurants. The main town beach stretches all the way along the Esplanade where it meets with Yaverland Beach, regarded as one of the best beaches and offers a range of outdoor watersports such as windsurfing and kayaking, or just a stroll taking it easy keeping a look out for fossils and enjoying the stunning views of the coast.

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    You must have a gross household income of no more than £80,000.

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    Sandown, PO36 9NY

    A spacious 2 bedroom ground floor apartment with allocated parking situated in the popular town of Sandown. 

Shared Ownership Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is an island in the English Channel located four miles off the coast of Hampshire. The island is famous for its holiday destinations and is known for its mild climate, coastal scenery and verdant landscapes. Its county town is Newport which is situated to the north centre of the island and has good transport links to all major towns on the island; Cowes, Ryde, Shanklin, Sandown, Ventnor and Yarmouth Isle of Wight. 

For lovers of the great outdoors, the western reaches of the island are deemed as areas of 'Outstanding Natural Beauty', predominately rural, with dramatic coastlines. The island is also  well known for its cycling and has a long tradition of rowing and sailing. Cowes is home to the longest reigning sailing regatta in the world!

For links to the mainland, the quickest public transport is via hovercraft, whilst there are ferry and catarmaran crossings to Southampton, Lymington and Portsmouth. Getting about on the island couldn't be easier, although there are no motorways, there are many dual carriage ways. Public transport is provided by a comprehensive bus network and a rail link between Shanklin and Ryde Pier Head. Air travel is available at the Isle of Wight and Bembridge Airports. 


Part Buy Part Rent on the Isle Of Wight

Finding your first home might seem like a daunting process, that’s why here at Property Booking we aim to make your search for property as effortless as possible.

The enormous benefit of Shared Ownership, which is also known as part-buy, part-rent is that it's a hugely affordable way to enter the property market with a relatively low deposit. You will be eligible to buy a Shared Ownership home if your household income is £80,000 or less.

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