Shared Ownership Buckinghamshire

We are here to help shape your property future. At Property Booking we showcase a selection of properties for sale and discounted rent. Shared ownership works on the basis of part-buy part-rent. The part-buy aspect is the purchase of initial shares and the part-rent is paying an affordable rent on remaining shares. Discounted rent strives to beat the average market cost.

Why get a property through in shared ownership in Buckinghamshire? If the conventional mortgage isn’t for you and you’d benefit from an alternative such as investing your money shared ownership is for you. Through the scheme you can buy an apartment or house that’s available for sale and begin to invest in your future. Never over stretch yourself financially by staircasing if you wish to own the property outright (purchasing more shares over time).

Part Buy Part Rent Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire is a great county to begin your property voyage. We include properties for sale in Calvert and Milton Keynes. Find your shared ownership property in Buckinghamshire at Property Booking.