Shared Ownership Bedfordshire

Shared Ownership Bedfordshire

Finding your first home might seem like a daunting process, that’s why here at Property Booking we aim to make your search for property as effortless as possible. 

Shared Ownership, sometimes known as part-buy, part-rent, is a Government-backed scheme which enables you to buy a share of a new property. The share you buy is usually between 25% and 75%. You then pay a low, subsidised rent on the remaining share you don’t own.

This means that the amounts you need for a deposit and for your mortgage repayments are significantly lower than if you were buying outright. You borrow only what you can afford to repay.

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Property Booking are here to make finding a property in Bedfordshire hassle free. Here we have properties for sale on a part buy part rent basis via shared ownership or you can search through our affordable discounted rent properties.

Shared ownership was launched by the government as the housing market and it’s restrictive criteria left many without the opportunity to join it or in unaffordable rentals. Shared ownership benefits those who really need a scheme that allows the freedom to choose between owning a property or investing in it.

We display a fantastic selection of high calibre one, two and three bedroom houses and apartments for sale. Find a home in Bedfordshire at Property Booking.